They are supremely organized, they have highly specialized personnel, but above all very personable and very service-minded. Good Marketing DNA would make any company much more successful regardless of industry.

Andrés Tautiva

CEO Nukke

Nukke is a company specialized in providing equipment / device monitoring, protection and control solutions to organizations in strategic sectors such as Health, Education, Government, IT and Contact Centers. Thanks to its Pro, Asset and Complete Service Management technology. Nukke has a presence in 5 Latin American countries, headquarters in the US and a subsidiary in Madrid (Nukke Spain).
On this occasion, we talked with Andrés Tautiva, CEO of Nukke, about what the main challenges that have been presented for his company have been and how Marketing del Bueno has been his extended arm in marketing during the process.

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What first steps were made with MDB and Nukke?

In the company we were convinced that without a good Marketing strategy, it could not exist or rather generate business opportunities and ROI. That is why we got in contact with Marketing del Bueno to start working on specialized marketing actions, having all the confidence in Daniel after the initial conversations, as well as the work done MdB with other companies in the SaaS and Cybersecurity sector, we decided to start our alliance.

What were Nukke's main challenges?

The main challenges for us were before taking the extra step, thinking ahead about the customers, agreements and our sales. Also they were in creating a marketing structure for Nukke, in addition to creating a web page, what we had was very simple. So we began to seek out how to create a much stronger one, with a more direct message that is more user-friendly, today that page brings us many clients. More organized and structured marketing processes, for example, how to make an effective mailing campaign, segmentation and database, as well as campaign design, among other things.

After having established the objective what has the process been like?

It has been a long-term operation, which has presented us with a lot of organization. We highly value the patience and structure that the Marketing del Bueno team has, as well as to carry out a process like ours. From the beginning it was clear that they needed to know our operations, solutions, where we wanted to go as a company in terms of numbers, clients, and expansion in the territory. All of this took about two months, but our expectations have been met and even exceeded; with MdB teaching us that a well-structured strategy takes time, but is successful.

Of the many challenges that you have been presented with, which has been the biggest?

For my part, the biggest challenge was understanding that marketing actions do not have an overnight resolve, but take time. Even with Marketing del Bueno, many internal processes at Nukke have been streamlined, but that change of chip in terms of time has been the biggest challenge.

Has working hand in hand with the MDB team allowed for quick and easy daily reviews?

Yes, very quickly we not only have weekly meetings, we also have individual periods depending on the type of request, the team is always ready to help me. The response is extremely fast and they even provide suggestions and feedback on the processes we handle. In terms of time, management and development it is extremely fast and easy.

Branding Nukke

What changes have you seen in Nukke with their incorporation of MdB?

Everything has changed. The key strategy in any company is in the commercial part and thanks to MdB we have changed the development of the commercial process. Our clients have been segmented, a CRM has been implemented and structured; From this, our databases have been ordered, segmented, and aligned to develop the commercial part.

What has been the tool you have found to be most useful?

As for tools, I am a fan of the website. It is essential because it provides us with a face to show to the market which gives us a more serious, more structured image of what we do, but now it is also a sales channel. Additionally the CRM, which provides organization and structure, our implementation of the information we have is now clean and clear. There is also a clean up process so that our database is real and up to date.

Página Web Nukke

In what ways do you think MdB could help other companies?

Every company is different, but MdB can provide any company with its good practices and its DNA of doing marketing with any tool. Companies are adaptable to almost any type of tool, the important thing in Marketing del Bueno is their structure. They are very well organized, they have highly trained personnel, but above all personable and service-minded. This DNA makes any company in the health sector, oil, government, etc. become much more successful in their goals, this is thanks to the way Marketing del Bueno is structured and their views on “what is” marketing.

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Metrics reached by Nukke with MdB

  • 50% of 2020´s sales were due to the creation and implementation of a company website.
  • 8 campaigns were created and launched to help with the follow up of different clients.
  • The bounce rate in campaigns was 9%  only from the implementation and restructuring of the CRM.
  • With the restructuring of the strategy and the creation of the campaigns, 12 business opportunities were generated.
  • 45% of live business opportunities are born thanks to the Marketing strategy.
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