Inbound Marketing for B2B Companies

inbound for b2b companies

Coming up with a marketing strategy for a B2B Company can be difficult since there are many variables involved, but it is understood that it should be considered as a priority in order to grow.

That’s where Inbound Marketing comes in handy, it is essentially about bringing already interested customers to your business, rather than blindly contacting them while educating and providing useful content to those who are not interested yet. This is exactly why it works best for B2B Companies. It uses resources accurately to create a system that continues to generate leads for the long term. 

Still not convinced? Below we list a few of the reasons why Inbound Marketing works particularly well for B2B companies, and why you should seriously consider develop a strategy around it if you run a business that works for other businesses.

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Inbound Marketing creates trust

B2B commerce relies almost entirely on relationships, knowledge, and trust, rather than on traditional business transactions between a business and a customer. Companies are always looking for the best deal, but their core interest is often long-term and based on the need for compliance. 

The nature of Inbound marketing implies that you let companies come to you and allowing them to take the first crucial steps. The ball is in their court, and by making yourself attractive through content marketing and other engaging elements, you are creating an image that they can interact with and ultimately conduct business.

holding hands in trust


Inbound Marketing becomes sales

Converting to sales is an obvious goal for any business enterprise, however, it is much more important for B2B Companies, as businesses have contracts and form relationships with their suppliers or other contacts. In an Inbound Marketing Strategy, converting into a sale is not the end of the story, in fact, it is the beginning. 

With this in mind, it’s important to remember that inbound marketing is simply better than traditional or outbound marketing when it comes to ultimately converting leads into clients. Although following conversions rates are always needed, it has special relevance with business between companies, since a converted sale can generate much more.

Inbound Marketing delivers top-notch customers

Inbound marketing generally has a higher return on investment than outbound marketing, and this is because it delivers top-notch customers and leads that are almost always a guaranteed converted sale. The simple logic is that if you are a company that sells plants, it is very likely that you are communicating with people who want to buy plants, by concentrating on the ones who search for “plants” on Google, rather than randomly putting an ad in the local newspaper.

Inbound marketing works because the potential customer, by definition, is already interested in what you sell. For B2B marketing, this means eliminating a lot of waste and being able to specifically target customers and companies that want to do business with you.

Inbound Strategies uses social media to greater effect

Social media marketing is an important subsection of the Inbound Marketing methodology and is especially relevant to B2B Companies as it allows you to use your company’s specific brand, culture, or personality to your advantage. Again, B2B is about relationships and these are the lifeblood of social media. If you can get your followers on different social networks, like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google, then you will be more likely to attract companies. 

Social platforms lead the lists for marketing strategies between companies since they connect with other companies and show them the way in which your company can offer them solutions to their problems, it is also an easy and effective way to generate valuable leads.

Social media effect

Inbound lead potential leads to blogs, which is linked to sales

Some researches show that B2B Companies with blogs generate 67% more leads per month than companies without blogs, which as a statistic speaks for itself. Writing new articles for your website and content marketing is the lifeblood of a decent attraction strategy and the benefits of such trial moves for B2B companies.

Inbound makes you care about your clients

Last but definitely not least, a great Inbound Marketing strategy for B2B companies is totally focused on your clients, their interests, challenges, pains, desires, and aspirations. It evolves around giving the customers relevant solutions and educating them along the way, and you know what they say, the more you know someone, chances are you end-up falling in love. Which is the ultimate relationship goal. 

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To develop a whole Inbound Marketing strategy you need to at least create buyer personas, define buyer journey, create a content strategy based on that journey, define social media strategy, and optimize your conversion rates. This can be overwhelming, some companies hire freelancers or agencies like us to take care of this. If you need some help, reach out, we are glad to help. 

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