How to Level Up your Strategy In Social Media

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How is your B2B Company managing its social media platforms? If you are reading this article you probably think they need to be better.

Nowadays it is not enough to be present on social media and becoming a benchmark in the sector may be hard to achieve, but defining your B2B strategy on social media can make your company stand out in an infinite ocean of likes and retweets.

How can you connect with your audience and maintain effective communication from your social profiles? These ideas can help you level up your Social Media Strategy:

telescope iconSet Clear Goals

This is essential before you start, define the company’s objectives very well. Do you want to get more followers? Increase interactions by publication? Reach an audience closer to your buyer persona? Those are key questions to ask yourself before starting any draft strategies.

Take it calmly and keep in mind that your goals should be achievable, measurable, and limited. A scattered goal can make your strategy unclear to your customers.

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lab bottles iconTrial and Error

The algorithms of every social media platform are different and what worked today may not work tomorrow.

Don’t be afraid to try a new format adapted to your goals, one of the advantages of social media is the ease with which we can adopt new models of communication with customers. If something didn’t work for you in the past, maybe it’s time to readjust it.

analysis chart iconAnalyze Your Audience

There is no use posting great content if your target audience is not there to see it, be aware of the immediacy of social media, and plan your posts at times when your customers are most active.

When you know this activity schedule you can fully dedicate yourself to interacting with your followers, interactions are a great way to generate a presence on social networks, you will notice that the strategy advances more focused on your objectives if you keep the interactions active and personalized.

social media sharing imageIn the settings panel of each profile, you can view updated metrics of all your interactions, use this information to improve your publication schedule and content type.

Remember that your audience is constantly bombarded with generic images and pre-made speeches, you must build customer loyalty by offering a relevant and personal conversation.

clock iconStay up to date

Use the explore section of each social network to monitor what topics are trending among your sector, include in your strategy a relevant content journey for your brand that you can share with your audience. Tell them about the news of your business while you show that you are up to date on all the news regarding your services.

You can use automated monitoring tools that will compile the content you preselect, your task will be to decide what you want to share today.

sheet iconPlan Consciously

We all dream of having a long-term planned agenda and seeing our interactions grow on social media. Although planning is recommended, perhaps you should organize on a quarterly or even monthly basis. Take for example that companies with months of planning had to adapt in a week to a strategy around the pandemic that affects us today.

It is important that you know your limits and execute the strategy according to those limitations. If you have business profiles from LinkedIn to Pinterest, but your main posts remain on Twitter or Instagram, it will be best to focus fully on those two networks and start creating a community from there, remember that it is better to be very good at one thing than mediocre on all of them.

desk not organized image

In the future, your own growth will lead you to create accounts on other networks, so focus your efforts on what you can do well and get better results. Improving your strategy on social networks is a process whose results will not be immediate, but whose progress will mark the path that best suits your company’s objectives.

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