How to Do an Exceptional Product Launch Marketing Plan


In such a competitive world that is advancing at such accelerated rates, it will be possible to have an offer of innovative products in the different markets, where many companies go on the adventure of selling the “revolutionary product” of their sector, claiming to have reinvented the wheel while its marketing strategy does not reach the appropriate levels of attraction, coming to offer something no different than others.

If you are in the process of promoting and starting to sell a new product in your company, you must be aware of several aspects in your strategy that will help you achieve your goals. Success in your strategy is not a matter of luck, there are several aspects of marketing that you must consider and apply to sell your products effectively. 

Launching a product requires significant planning, without a proper marketing plan for your product launch, your product may not meet the expectations of your potential buyers. Here are some key and essential steps to consider to create a marketing plan to launch exceptional products towards your targeted buyers and have a successful sales strategy. 


Identify the needs of your customers

How can you offer a product if you don’t know who your customers are? Moreover, what are the problems and the needs of your customers that your product can provide the solution to?

Take into consideration the initial buying process of your clients. They are in a process of understanding a problem that prevails, in search to understand their needs and then interested in acquiring a product that meets their expectations, this is part of an Inbound strategy.

It is very important to know very well who and in what way you are going to offer your products to the market in order to develop the best possible strategy where you can build trust with your potential customers.

Check Inbound Marketing for B2B Companies

Market Research and studying the competition

Market research is the foundation of any marketing strategy. There can be many reasons why a product launch doesn’t go the way you want it to, and one of those key reasons is not spending enough time on research.

Determine the correct audience to whom your product is directed to. Who needs to respond, are there similar products in the market, and how are the competing companies generating a differentiating factor in their offerings? 

Addressing these aspects will determine key points with which your product launch is stronger and easier to market.


Create an unique and different proposal

Be different. You will often hear that the secret of a company’s marketing strategies is to be different. And with so many other offers available you must offer added value if you want users to choose your brand. This is what is known as a competitive advantage.

Focus your proposal on the needs of the customers, on comparing the offers of the competition, the distinctive benefits of your product, your brand promise to your potential customers.

A unique proposal will be one of the best things that will allow your product to stand out from the competition’s product. It will help your audience to understand why your product is superior to the competitors and therefore, it will make your brand of value to their audience.

Pre-Launch Strategies

Begin with attraction strategies to get the attention of your potential customers with a test offer of your product. In general, these types of strategies attract a genuinely interested audience that may later become a continuous consumer of your products and follow your brand for a longer time.

These types of test offerings help you eliminate mistakes and other problems before the final product is released. Test offerings are an essential step in your product launch marketing plan, determining that your product is functional in all desired environments. In this way you will be able to launch an exceptional product to the market to everyone’s liking.


Launch your product

Once all the previous points have been defined, the time has come: now you are ready to launch your product on the market.

Make your product launch successful by promoting it heavily on all channels where your target audience is present, make as much noise as possible to reach as many users as possible, and prepare for the best and worst possible scenarios.

Also, taking into account the budget you have for your marketing campaign, you can set an additional Influencer Marketing strategy (check out this article by our partners at HubSpot) to make your product launch a great success.

Adopt an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

The best way to get closer to today’s customers is to launch an omnichannel marketing strategy, providing a seamless shopping experience at each point of contact of your potential customers.

Some of the channels that you can include in promoting your brand include: Print Media, Billboards, Radio Ads, Television Ads, Social Networks, SEO, PPC Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, among others.


Measure your results – immediate and continuous adaptation

The launch is not the final step of your strategy, it is just the beginning of its life cycle. Follow up on the goals set initially from the beginning and make sure your product performs as planned.

Allow yourself to make adjustments in case the launch doesn’t go the way you had in mind before it’s too late. This way you will know what worked and what did not, and you will obtain concrete lessons for your next projects. Feedback is a crucial step at every stage of the customer journey.

Collect all the appropriate information in all the channels present. Get assistance in tools and applications that automate the process, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, all to collect, scan, and derive meaningful data from the insights gained from research.

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