One Heartbeat

We are writing this post co- authored by our staff as a way to inaugurate not only our website, but a new phase we saw ourselves highlighted by the lockdown, home working and everything that went with it.

Putting order in a family as short as ours may seem a simple process, however, for our dear General Manager, Liliana Guerrero, it has been a challenging task:

“I learned to manage stress in a healthy way with my Marketing del Bueno family, by understanding that there are two ways to reach the goal with our team, either tired, deteriorated, and unhappy, or instead, coming proud, energetic and happy of our new achievement.

“We learned that in order to increase productivity, we must first take care of ourselves, treat ourselves with respect and be sympathetic and conceive that we are capable of achieving everything we aim for, with a natural rhythm for us, that is, as human beings who need time for love, recreation and motivation each day. It’s all about moving forward step by step in action”

Liliana Guerrero

Processes sometimes have to be immediate, and sometimes they have to be strictly organized over time. For our data master, David Bracho, “El Pollo” it is a process of discovery:

Time is a finite resource that as much as we want to, we can’t be modify, and time doesn’t’ change based on us, we must change based on time, because it is impossible to add hours to a day, and even less to make time stop.

If we need more time, the only solution is to organize, and at this point, I would like to make a clarification, the phrase time organization itself is wrong because who gets organized is you, it’s me not time.Time is standard and you can’t change it, but what  we can do is organize ourselves according to the time available for a specific activity.

The consequences of mismanaging activities in terms of time are catastrophic, from excessive stress to personal and work problems. 

This is not a natural attribute, but something we have to keep learning about every day. And as we achieve it, we improve with small steps, that never stop, routines change, priorities change, and it becomes a constant process of adaptation in order to organize each activity better and make time work better.

And of course the benefits of being able to organize yourself day to day go from having a more satisfactory job, increasing confidence levels, making better decisions, spending more time with your family, etc. With this in mind, you can go after each of your objectives and they will not remain in limbo waiting for you.

“Let’s learn how to organize everyday activities according to time, and live a happier life.”

David Bracho

Who in Venezuelan slang they would call “El Chivo que Más Mea”  or The goat who pisses the most (yeah we know), Daniel Guerra, CEO of our agency believes thankfulness is needed to make our hearts beat together:

Vala Afhsar on Twitter

One of my favorite tweeters Vala Afshar once wrote: “If you have a family that loves you, a couple of good friends, food on your table and a roof over your head you are richer than you think.”

I’ m not a conformist, in fact, according to the psychologist of Marketing del Bueno (aka our co-founder), I’ m a maker. I love new projects, I want things to happen, to be achieved and I’m rarely quiet, which is good for some things… for some things.

Contrary to intuition, the thing that has worked for me in bringing a sense of peace and joy to this restless part over and over again is being grateful. Not only is it good for PR, but it’s good for the psyche, the soul. It all happens in a delicate flow and balance. 

This also happens in a team of supporters who are confident, empathetic, and patient with each other’s skill development as well as market timing, customers. promotions and publications are usually set in stone.

I will always be grateful for this opportunity and for the one given to me by the Marketing del Bueno (MDB) team, for having a family that I love, good friends ( both of them in MDB too), food on my table and a roof over my head”.

“Whether you’re a believer or an atheist, the fact that we exist is a miracle. A slight variation in a couple of degrees in our body and we’re dead, a couple of degrees in the inclination of our planet and we’re gone.”

Daniel Guerra

Jessica Orta, Finance and Administration Manager, and who fills us with joy, hugs, and smiles, believes balance is what can make us stronger as a family:

A balance between the responsibilities of work and the warmth of family and brotherhood that I bring to the team, a balance between the vision of Marketing del Bueno and my personal dreams, both aligned in many points, a balance between LIVING through what I do and contributing to having the life I want.

“A balance between the financial goals of Marketing del Bueno and the support is given to the well-being of each member of my team, the balance between giving as much as I receive: support, ideas, commitment, loyalty, and LOVE”.

Jessica Orta

From Buenos Aires, Argentina, our dear Eliana Urdaneta, “Lali”, Creative Director. Shares what it means for her to incorporate teamwork, in order to produce outstanding projects born out of collaboration and love:

Being able to truly enjoy the sound of a musical composition requires that each instrument in an orchestra performs with excellence, but it also requires playing with respect to the participation of the others.

In this different period we are going through with new relational and work challenges, I’ve learned a lot about the integration issue (and I think I can add everyone here in our Marketing del Bueno family) Not only is it important to do a good job individually, but to engage, to ask, to understand, to listen and to re-adjust.  Everything counts.

“We all wish that after so much effort and testing, the implementation will also be neat and positively surprising; that you can feel the task was done with the same love with which it was conceived ❤️”

Eliana Urdaneta

The family psychologist, Freddy Mejia, Co-Founder of the agency, is the one who has shown us the way forward and that our capabilities are there:

This reflection does not escape its context, we find ourselves in a completely new situation, it is one of the few times in which an absoluteness has a place; because we are all being impacted by it in one way or another.

Were we prepared? A clear, concrete, and workable answer for most cases: No. 

The word enjoyment in the personal sphere makes some noise to me, an inconsistency when there is a significant difficulty for so many people; that goes beyond the numbers, beyond that statistic of people affected at different levels. Every human drama is a drama, without minimization or sarcasm.

In this context, it is important to take into consideration; that we are going to overcome this, the real uncertainty is when and how. It is key, critical, and fundamental to value the bond; what we do to a great extent and in a significant way is in the function of our loved ones, whether they are children, partners, or others. Even with the urgency of this situation, despite the tension, the pain, the challenge, and the difficulty…

“It’s important to appreciate the ones who are with us, the ones who motivate us, the ones for whom we strive and for whom we remain committed facing complexity. It doesn’t matter if they are blood-related or not. What matters is the family; perhaps the key is to start from there and appreciate it”

Freddy Mejía

And finally, Bryan Brusil, Content Manager and editor of this article; the quiteño who had an interview outside one of the buildings where months ago he said to himself, “it would be cool to work here” and now has a new family where he learns something new every day:

Tranquility means respect and trust, respect for deadlines, productivity and execution bring peace to the team, which in turn becomes the freedom to propose new tools and processes to help us achieve the management goal we are all aiming at.

Like all families, there are moments of tension that are less frustrating if we put a moment of tranquility and analysis first. This way we can find a much better solution by working together.

As you can see, we are a family like any other, with ups and downs which at the moment we miss a lot. With all the love of keeping on improving and learning, knowing very well that beating together means understanding each other, supporting each other, embracing each other and moving forward.

As The Lego Movie says: “Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of a team”

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