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How to measure your marketing team’s success

Marketers should be constantly working towards an ultimate goal. When talking about metrics in marketing to keep an eye or measure on your team, we have to mention indicators that impact not only this area but the company in general, especially its directors, who need to be responsible for the long-term outcomes. Here are some metrics to keep track.

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Which businesses are booming in LatinAmerica during COVID-19 Pandemic?

The coronavirus arrived and with it, the boom in digital commerce – which was already on the rise – took a historic leap. Most growth opportunities are clear for entrepreneurs who manage to survive the financial effects of the pandemic and transition to digital businesses. These are 8 digital business opportunities in Latin America detected by the IDB.

How to keep your business running during and after lockdown

The “Stay home” era can be boring, sad, and demotivating, especially for companies who are used to the day to day rush and adrenaline of dealing with customers, clients, and business-related issues. During the lockdown, we might feel paralyzed in many ways.  While we are locked up in our homes during the COVID-19 crisis, it …

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