8 Ways to Generate Leads for B2B Companies

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Lead generation has been changing in recent years, nowadays, marketing plays a greater role than sales, at least during the early stages of the process. But in the end, despite having a marketing team or sales team -or having neither- you’ll need to find different ways to generate leads for your B2B company. 

The bigger you want your company to be, the more leads you need to be able to generate and process. Once you become good at lead generation, you’ll be able to grow your business as big as you want. Here we show you some ways of generating leads, the idea is to start with some of them and keep on improving.

1- Inbound Marketing

2- Videos

3- SEO

4- Email Marketing / Newsletters

5- PPC / Paid Ads Campaigns

6- Content Marketing

7- Training

8- Web Optimization


1) Inbound marketing

According to Hubspot’s “State of the inbound 2016” study, 59% of marketing managers say inbound marketing is the best resource for generating qualified leads. Since the premise of this model is to attract consumers to our brand, instead of directly targeting them to advertise products and services, it makes sense to think that targeted users are more likely to become customers.

The most important key to generate leads with inbound marketing is to research very well your buyer personas to find the contents and offers that may be more useful to the customers and to request permission from users to enter them in your database. Here the double opt-in technique comes into play, which implies that users have to confirm their acceptance twice.

2) Videos

Videos are a real “lead capture mine” that many marketers don’t take advantage of. But the truth is that it offers many possibilities for users to leave us their data.

Within the video itself. You can include a text link superimposed on the video that leads to a key section on your website where the user leaves their data, or the main character of the video itself can encourage the user to do it, or both at the same time.

On the final YouTube screen, when a user finishes watching a video, it displays a menu with different options, a suggestion for what to do next. Among them, you can include a link to a home page or other key content, also, using the description box might help you re-direct the viewers to your website or landing page.

Creating videos also presents some challenges, you’ll probably need some technical knowledge in order to plan, record, edit and upload videos, that’s why it takes more time than other strategies before it pays off. In the upside, if executed correctly, videos have a higher engagement rate than other media sources.

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3) SEO

If you work well on your SEO strategy, you can obtain a constant source of long-term leads.

To do this, take into account the positioning of your website based on the most promising keywords when generating leads. In addition to looking at factors such as the level of competition, it is necessary to take into account the intention of the user who is looking for a certain keyword: are they simply looking for information, or do they want to solve a specific need that your company can meet.

4) Email marketing/newsletters

Year after year, email marketing continues to be one of the most effective channels for communicating with potential customers and moving forward on the path to conversion.

But although it is an extremely useful tool, email alone is not gonna work. If you want to generate more quality leads, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make clear to the user the benefits that can be obtained by subscribing to your mailing list. For example, product launches, exclusive tips, personalized offers, etc. 

  • Take care of the frequency of the emails. We all craze on brands that bombard us with spam emails so don’t become one of them! You must communicate with your users as often as necessary so that they do not forget you, but only when you have something of value to offer them.

  • Keep your database clean and up to date. In order for a user to become a qualified lead thanks to your email, they must first receive it correctly, so make sure you only have updated email addresses of users who have consented to receive news from you.

  • Take tests to test different aspects of your emails. From the subject to the color of the main image, there are many factors that can influence the success of your emails. So my recommendation is to keep trying and experimenting with A / B tests to see which ones work best. Optimization is key when building an email marketing campaign.

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5) PPC / Paid Ads Campaigns

Advertising on social networks makes it possible for us to reach users in a very precise way since it offers a lot of segmentation options and types of campaigns. 

In this case, we are especially interested in specific lead generation ads, for example, Facebook Ads for leads. With them, we can get the user to leave us their data and become a qualified contact without having to leave the social network at any time. This reduces user resistance and makes it much easier for you to leave us your data.

The same thing happens with LinkedIn, which for B2B Companies could be even more useful than Facebook, and the segmentation options align more to demographics, studies, and industries rather than interest. 

6) Content Marketing

In addition to improving our brand image and our positioning in search engines, another “side effect” of a good content creation strategy is to generate leads naturally.

In particular, having a regularly updated brand blog can be very helpful in generating a content base and creating opportunities to capture leads. Keep in mind that having a strategy is way better than just writing articles about anything. 

For this technique to work, it is essential to think of content as a long-term investment; In that sense, it is not much different from SEO. And above all, giving a high priority to the quality of the content and the value they bring to the user. The most useful the user finds your content, the more they will engage with your brand. 

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7) Training

Training is a very powerful lead magnet, mainly for B2B companies. This technique is very simple: offer users training content (guides, courses, webinars) in exchange for their incorporation into your database. The more this training is related to your products and services, the more qualified the leads that you obtain will be.

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8) Web Optimization

To finish, a technique so obvious that it can be overlooked: use your own website as a source of attracting leads. Take note of these tips:

  • Include a phone and a contact email on every page of the web, not just on the contact page. 

  • Optimize your website to offer a good experience from all screens and devices. A website that does not look good or does not load can make us lose many potential leads.

  • Integrate your landing pages naturally. Think about the user’s journey through your page to see where you can insert contact forms with offers that suit their interests.

  • Include a live chat or another express contact method to make it as easy as possible for users to contact you.

  • Measure as many things as you can about the traffic going through your website. You can use Google Analytics to get insights or Hotjar to create heat maps so you can see how users are interacting with your site. 

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 It is very important for you to understand that having a lot of lead generation strategies can be overwhelming, that’s why we recommend starting by implementing some of them and work on optimizing and improving.

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